Trip #99 – Pootlin’ Around Portland

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  1. Did some sea fishing from Portishead harbour but didnt catch anything!
    Could get back into it though. Real shame that careless anglers simply kill the fish they catch especially when they are not even being eaten. I always feel that sea fish are put under a hell of a lot of pressure as it is. The more that can be returned alive and fighting fit the better!

    Really interesting post. Cheers!

  2. Paul Murphy says:

    Thanks for the comment Jim. There were plenty of fish out there, just needed smaller hooks, or a beachcaster to get out there. I felt quite sad that they repeatedly dropped such large fish from such a height. Looking at the photos again it was easily 25/30ft. If you get out to harbours quite alot you should consider LRFing. Loads and loads of fun. All the best Jim. Good luck! Paul

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