Trip #23 – Dickies Pond, Spring End Farm

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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice post, one of my favourite venues. the margin is the way forward for this venue. big trout pellets, prawn and meat seem to be the way forward for the bigger fish. excellent venue when the weather warms up a bit and there is no wind. theres nothing better than fishing 3 sections of pole and panicking once a biggie pulls the life out of your elastic while you are quickly trying to get the other sections of the pole attached. keep up the good work on the blogs and hope to meet you up a dicks pond some time. psx3012

  2. Anonymous says:

    always enjoying the blog good stuff. if prawns and meat work well give mussells a try they're deadly for carp where i fish, great big ones put straight on the hook whole (nothing fancy not green lipped or anything just frozen from farmfoods)

  3. Anonymous says:

    it dint work dam

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