Trip #24 – Birkin Fishery

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello from the guy who landed your fish with you
    i have just shown the old guy (pete) your photo of us all fishing and the write up you have done on your days fishing he is pleased as punch. hope you have many more great days fishing at birkin .

  2. Rob, thanks once again for netting that fish with me. I've gone back to using my old and more sturdy landing net handle now. Thank Pete for letting me borrow his spare handle, without it my afternoon would have been cut very short! I'll definitely be paying Birkin another visit when the summer kicks in, and will hopefully catch some more of those hard fighting carp! Hope to bump in to you there or any of the other fisheries around Yorkshire!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hello, I am just wondering do you have matches on a sunday as I am coming to birkin fishery this sunday and I been told you have matches on??

  4. It wouldn't surprise me if there were matches on up there. It probably puts out good weights. I'm not sure if it's a regular match lake though. I think there is a number to ring on the hut where you park up. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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  6. Unknown says:

    Hi paul check out my channel angling info if u live around the wakefield ponty area i only live in castleford if you want to meet for a session
    Just add me to facebook ben cook

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