Trip #20 – Highbury Pond

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3 Responses

  1. stefanch says:

    Well done, beats a blank. I actually saw you down there, I was chatting to my friend who was fishing further round the pond. He only managed small roach too. Its a good pond though stick at it and the rewards will come.

  2. Ah right. Ye, it beats blanking. The feeder was my main hope to bring in the slightly bigger fish, but it only managed 1 bite. In the end I had to plumb up twice, to find the ledge which was about 20 feet out, that's where I got most of my bites and fish, but the guy fishing next to me told me that the lake fishes a lot better in the warmer months. I'm definitely going to go back when it gets warmer, try and get some of the tench out.

    Thanks for commenting, might see you up there again some time soon.

  3. Simon Hall says:

    Another great write up, just about summed up my last session too, working hard for red fins!

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