Trip #21 – Third times a Trout!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    mmmm, the guy with the huge feeder either didn't have a clue or he was poaching trout? you should have asked him how he usually gets on fishing like that?

  2. Rob Stokes says:

    Good post Paul. Great to see such good sized trout this far down stream and acting naturally moving into the feeder streams off the main river through the winter. Really encouraging! I would love to know the stream but understand why you would not post derails. I grew up playing on the banks of Cow Beck which runs through Hawksworth Woods into the Aire. I would love to hear about trout returning to this lovely little stream.
    I doubt Feeder Man was poaching given the local ( not famed for it's trout) but a shame he spoilt your sport. Who knows if your catch is anything to go by you may end up having to put up with us Fluff Chuckers too!

  3. marshman says:

    Good read that Paul. I'm an Aire angler too but lower down than where I'm guessing you are. I'm only targetting the pike for now, but on my trips have spotted some cracking fish of all varieties in the river and confident most stretches of the Aire are worth the effort.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys, I've been told by anglers and EA officials that the river is terribly peggy and the best swims are basically cut out of sections of banking which nobody knows how to get to, or waded into. On a walk this weekend I found an absolutely excellent section of water to fly fish and will be bring my waders and 7ft fly rod up from Wales next time I pop back. With regard to that particular swim, although hard to get to it is in an area which is frankly horribly abused by the less conservationally minded folk that live around there. On a recent fishing trip a group of youths decided to bombard the section of river down from my position with anything they could get their hands on. Branches, glass bottles, bags of rubbish and other things to boot which was incredibly frustrating as nothing could be done to stop them. Also, that particular peg would be incredibly hard to fish on the fly and the steep banking and over hanging trees making casting a short feeder rod difficult! I'll be trying a few places on the river over the next few weeks and will keep you all posted on any of my successes.

  5. binner says:

    there are some very strong hooks in even 20-22 sizes and equaly some that will bent very easy in bigger sizes.
    take kamazan b511, very soft hook but go upto a size 16 or 14 but will still bend with the same amount of presure as a 24 would, on the other hand the hook you used, drennan super specialist or a super spade will be just as strong in a 20 as they would in a 10

  6. what a precise effort to go hunting deep down the stream and end-up with a successful catch like a trout.i surely have loads to learn from a perfectionist like you.

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