Trip #46 – Predatory Perch! (And friends)

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Paul
    what make and size of pole do you use.

  2. Paul Murphy says:

    Hi, I have 2. An old warrior of a pole in the shape of a Shimano Technium 12.5m which is rarely used but has thick solid elastics for lumps. But generally I use a MAP F-16 Commercial Fishery pole. It has taken a hammering, goes to 16 meters (but I have never used it at that length) and take up to an 18 elastic which is about as heavy as anyone would want to go really. Unless of course you had a specific Carp/margin pole. If you need any help/advice in regards to getting a pole be all means please give me a shout on the contact page.

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