Trip #66 – Cefn Mably Bridge Pond

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    FISHING!! Good post. Cefn mabley is on the hit list for when I've got more spare time. FISHING!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Paul,. I’ve regularly fished at Cefn Mably since I had both my knees replaced, the first at the end of 2006 and the second at the end of 2008 so your blog is essential reading for me, keep up the good work. The ease of access and the relative flatness of the banks at Cefn Mably allow me to fish in comfort and with the confidence that I won’t have difficulty getting to a fishable peg.
    I’ve just read your report on your last trip to Cefn Mably. I fished the Bridge Pond at Cefn Mably on the Tuesday after you fished there and had a different experience from the one you had. My usual approach is to a fish a method feeder with groundbait and pellet on the hook or waggler and pellet. This time I tried something different and fished just the top two sections of my margin pole, a banded 4mm hard pellet for hook bait and feeding 3 or 4 4mm pellets over the top every put in. The fish must have been waited for me to put the bait in, the first put in saw me hook a carp that took me about 10 minutes to land, that one went about 8lb. The next put in I netted a carp of 7lb and it went on the same way. Apart for a quiet period of around an hour, when I tried out the method feeder to the island but didn’t have any indications, I had almost continuous action for the next 5 hours. I landed 18 carp from 1lb to 8lb, loosing another 5 to hook pulls and spooking at least that many on the strike. One of my better days  hope you have better results next time. John, Cardiff

  3. Paul Murphy says:

    Thanks very much for you comment John. I know the lake fishes very well, I think it was just a slow day for me. I'm glad you had a good day, I may have a go around Christmas time. I'm glad you find my blog useful, I think it quite useful, even to remind myself of access, what I used etc. Best of luck fishing in future! All the best, Paul.

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