Advice Required – Of Mice and (Fisher)Men

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  1. No easy way to rid them, even traps and poisons can take time. Clearing clutter and food is the first thing as you already know. If you don't want to kill them then you need to trap them, the old way was a glass milk bottle on a slight angle. Put food in the bottom and if you get the angle right the mouse gets in but can't get out. It'll take time though. Other solutions are fire and flood though not sure you'd be keen on either.

  2. Another modern version of the milk bottle is a two litre pop bottle. Cut the top off to make a funnel then flip it and stick it back on the bottle. Mouse goes in struggles to get out, though this version needs to be checked often as they'll nibble their way out.

  3. Just had a quick look. Check out the bucket mouse trap on Youtube which looks even better to me.

  4. Paul Murphy says:

    There is a knarled old tree outside the shed with holes every where. I wondered if they were all held up in there. It's dead so I may fill it full of expanding foam, as well as any gaps under the shed, but I would be worried what that might do to the environment. Will try the milk bottle trap though. See how that gets on. Thanks for the message.

  5. My shed is laid on concrete (like many) and the little buggers had dug a whole right underneath the concrete. I hatched a plan (not a humane one though) and made a funnel out of a 2 litre pop bottle and shoved it in the hole. Then I filled a bucket of water and flooded the hole. Within seconds the mice had made their way up the tunnels and into the funnel bottle. They were still alive, so it was over to my little terrier to finish the job.

  6. Hi Paul,

    I've had issues with mice for the last 6 months or so, tried traps, humane traps, poison traps etc…. No good, in the end I used this stuff, it's basically poisoned grain.

    Just put some down everyday, eventually you will notice less and less grain gone and after a week or so it will no longer be touched as the mice will be dead. I now keep a small pile near the garage door incase anymore decide to visit.

    Best £4 I've spent in a long time.

  7. Paul Murphy says:

    Hi Darren, thanks for your reply. I've been told about sonic mouse repellent alarms. Trust me, if there weren't so many cats near here I would put this poison grain stuff out. Just don't want to be responsible for dying pets…

  8. I'm the pest control guy at work and the poison grain is what we use. As you say though Paul, not good for anywhere near pets. The recommendation is to not use near pets but that said, the theory and usual case is that the mice eat the stuff and then die later in their nest. This can be good but also a problem if you have a nest full of decaying mice stinking out your premises.

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