Trip #32 – Hendre Lake Trip 2 – Bream Bash(ish)

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  1. Paul Murphy says:

    Top tip – I've since found out a lot of the match anglers use Sensas 3000 Breme with fishmeal. That is their bait of choice for Hendre.

  2. Any tips for winter fishing down there ? Like you I have just got into fishing again after a long break of 15 years, last time I fished hendre was 1994. I took a walk around there today and was quite surprised to see a few roach topping after the frost we had today, what's best bait ? Waggled/pole or feeder ?? Cheers

  3. Paul Murphy says:

    Hi Vincent, Hendre lake is stuffed full of fish, especially roach, perch and bream. Best bait if it's silver fish you're after is Red Maggots. Fished on the cage feeder. Pellets also do well but anything smaller than 6mm will get hammered by anything. This time of year the left bank fishes the best (as it does for the rest of the year), a quick cast with a plain lead will show you where the stream bed is. Pole and waggler do well, again on maggots, but alot better in the spring/summer.

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