Trip #75 – End of Season Thuggery

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  1. Re: keeping worms. With dendrabenas, I find slicing an apple into about 6-8 pieces, giving them that, and keeping them in a hessian sack to be best. I've kept them for 4months and more this way. Obviously just keep them somewhere cool and dark too. If they get any groundbait on them they'll die within a day or two. Hope that helps. Lobbies won't last nearly as long but I've kept them a month in either a big bait tub or hessian sack. I feed them mash potato and some grass cuttings.

  2. Paul Murphy says:

    Hi Russell, thanks for your info. Anywhere local I can get an Hessian sack? Does the sack have to be damp? How much soil would you put in the sack? Would compost be ok? Isn't apple too acidic? I know they love butternut squash peel.

  3. Hi Paul, I always buy my worms by the kilo, so they come in a sack anyway with a ton of dirt. Apple is fine, I've done it loads of times and worms have lasted 4+ months often. If you can keep them then buying a kilo at a time makes perfect sense cost-wise. In fact, I can't remember the last time I had a single worm die on me! I use dendras all the time one the canals – wouldn't be without them.

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