Trip #27 – None Go Bye Farm – Bottom Lake (2nd Visit)

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  1. Anonymous says:


    My name is Howard, I'm on the Go Fishing forum (Hbomb).

    I might go fish up at non go bye on the canal lake on Saturday 10th May. Just send me a message on the Go Fishing forum if you fancy joining me if I go.

    Cheers, Howard.

  2. omeed says:

    Hi Paul,

    I went to None Go by last Wednesday and had such a good time I went on the saturday as well. On both occasions I was on the 'CANAL'.

    Baring in mind I'm relatively new to fishing (used to go when I was a young lad), and have just been using a whip in the canal (7 silvedrs being my best catch – 1 being about 1.blb), I was thrilled to catch 36 fish on my first trip to Non Go By! This included one bream of about 3 pound – which was double anything I'd caught in my (until this point) 4 week forey into fihsing.

    I then eyed up a pole (the ron Thompson gangster pole – cheapest one going – to get me into it), and planned a second trip to Non-Go.

    Well I be jeseus! I only went and caught about 6 carp of around 4-5lbs!! And lost count of my total 'fish-count'.

    I found I was getting loads of little silvers and hate it when I have trouble getting hooks out of the tiny ones when it swallows deep. I decided to go for double maggot (size 20 hook, 1.5lb hook length) and pulled out a small common about 2.5lb!

    Interesting, I thought. So i went for more double, and eventually triple maggot. this is when the carp starting landing.

    I got snapped off by some big lump and moved up to size 16 hook and stuck to triple magot.

    Had a great day.

    My Pole got pulled in at one point. I was being very naughty and put the 'gangster-pole' down for a matter of seconds (having walked along to another peg – away from all other anglers) and some moster took it under right before my eyes. I thought I was hallouscinating (cant be bothered to spell check that – but think I'm close)!

    Any way, it emerged about 40 seconds later about 30 meters down the canal (right where the lillys are – near the entrance/car park). I snapped out of my swearing fit and grabbed by landing net, ran round the other side of the cananl and spent the nex 5 minutes getting my pole out. The fish had snapped off after snaggin the line on one of the crayfish traps.

    Incidentally, the traps really work. I had to pull one out to get my line un-snagged and there were 3 of the little fellas in there!

    So, after this ordeal I went back to the spot I had stalked out, got my pole set back up, and dropped my line back in, aling with a gradual sprinkle of maggot and hemp. Within 1 miunte I pulled out one of the aforementioned 4lb carp.

    I was happy as larry.

    I noticed you wrote about the pond in Cottingley springs..

    I read your blog and went down there today. It turns out it's only 5 minutes drive (literally) from my house.
    It looks incredibly active down there, bubbling and showing all over.

    I saw a huge carp skulking around, followed by its buddy. I'd guess it was around 20lb.

    Anyway, i'm off there tomorrow. Starting with som silvers, then gonna try for something bigger.

    Might see you around some day.


    I'm sure you'll remember that name if we ever meet – not too many Omied's on the Yorkshire banks.

  3. Looks like a good venue and an interesting read

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