Trip #16 – Highfields

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this place is rubbish. no big fish at all

  2. Paul Murphy says:

    Apparently there are some big fish in there, and from memory, when I was there, there were a lot of fish moving. I have to say, I didn't see any lumps though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    great little place to fish nothing to complicated caught in margins all afternoon small pole float couple of dropper shot water is coloured so makes this easier 3 meter pole heavy elastic which I needed on 4 occasions as there are some nice mirrors in there bite every time on maggot from roach and perch feed little and often with micro halibut pellets and half a dozen maggots great here for introducing kids to fishing simple fishing

  4. lewis swan says:

    There is one 15 lb + carp that fights for all its worth snapped my rig after I thought it was bested but it found energy out of no where

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